Magic Made On stage

Magic Made On stage

Magic Made On stageMagic Made On stageMagic Made On stage

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 From the days of senior plays at W.P. Daniel High School to this year’s production of Seussical at New Albany High School, our community, school district, and students have always valued what happens on this stage. Without fail, the annual production has become a staple in our community and a source of anticipation and joy for all ages. 

For the past 57 years, students came to the stage uncertain, scared, self-conscious, and nervous. Every year these same students stand on this stage a few short months later basking in the glory of an adoring audience, who laughed and cried and clapped and sang along with them. These students left tired, exhausted, drained and sad that it was all over, but they are all different now. They are more confident, able to stand before a group of people and speak, brave enough to express themselves, able to work with a team, trusting enough to rely on others, and appreciative of the people behind the scenes. 

Being a part of a production at New Albany High School means you are a part of something greater than yourself. A standard of excellence in performance is upheld. Creative boundaries are stretched to achieve a new level of magic each and every year. New works of art are built each year on the foundation laid by the generations of incredible directors, students, faculty and donors over the years. Being a part of a production, no matter what role you take on, means the legacy of New Albany High School theater continues. To all those who have come before, we say “Thank you!” And to all those who are joining us for the first time, we say “Welcome to the Family!”


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